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About Claudette Xtra: Past 30 and getting hotter and dirtier by the year, Claudette Xtra is probably the kinkiest shemale star with a corner on the web to call her own. She loves to play characters - The Sexy Secretary, The Sexy Nurse, The Evil Queen, The Maneater, Daisy Duke, The Upstairs Maid - and BDSM games are her passion. She's a rare switch, loving both to dominate and to be dominated. "I don't need a strap on ... I already have one and it doesn't come off. It is as hard as a rock," she says in dominant mood. But flipping the coin, Claudette also has to admit: "There is nothing quite so intoxicating as submitting to a male. The power and absolute control never fails in getting my full cooperation. Just when you think I am sweet, silky, and innocent, I'll spread my legs and show you my hard, rough, bulging, bull attributes, which add that extra contrast to the mix."

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