Name:  Lady LorinLives:  Cebu, Philippines

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Bio: If you think all asian ladyboys are small in size, think again! Lady Lorin has become well known among ladyboy lovers as 'The 8 Inch Wonder Of Asia'. It's anything but her only attraction. Lady Lorin completes her sexy, exotic package with a stylish 5' 6", 110lb figure and a magnetic personality full of charm, kindness and laughter. She began modelling at age 24 and was soon touring Asia to meet a growing band of fans. Born and raised in Cebu, Philippines, Lady Lorin comes from a rather large family. Growing up as a ladyboy in the Philippines is a bit different than it is in Thailand. The Philippines is a Catholic nation and being a ladyboy is quite frowned upon. But Lady Lorin never let that stand in the way of her dreams. Starting her own site in October 2008, she has set out to give fans a rare alternative to the regular ladyboy website scene, by providing fresh content not shot in Thailand, but exclusively in the Philippine Islands. Opening her site with a lot of high quality pictures and videos ranging from glamour to hardcore, Lady Lorin has started to add some of her ladyboy friends onto the site as well. Promising to always keep her members guessing, Lady Lorin has a vision of an all Pinoy site, showing the world it's not only Thailand that has such lovely and exotic ladyboys, but the Philippines as well. "When I first posed, I was shy about it," she says. "It's so unusual to let people into your life and let them see your most intimate moments." But the shyness didn't last long and now she's regularly stroking or having her 8 inch wonder wand stroked to gushing orgasm on film. "Stay tuned fellas, there's more surprises coming," Lady Lorin promises, and we're sure as hell looking forward to seeing them!

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