Name:  TS Delia DeLionsLives:  Seattle, USA

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Bio: Hot american TS amateur Delia DeLions has had quite an unusual ride in her career in adult entertainment and her continuing transition to transsexual womanhood. She lives with her busty born-female girlfriend of eight years Trixie, who Delia met after starting living as a CD and answering a kinky ad from Trixie looking for a houseboy. Delia says she's always been the more feminine one in their relationship, and still happily takes care of most of the cooking and housework. Trixie ran an amateur adult site of her own and soon, after some initial trepidation, convinced Delia to let fans watch their life 24/7 via spycams throughout their home. It wasn't long before Delia started a CD site of her own to further explore her sexuality. She had been experimenting with crossdressing since the age of 12, but kept it a secret for most of her adult life, along with her confusion about her own gender identity. After much soul searching, and with the full support of partner Trixie, in August 2008 Delia began hormone therapy to begin the transition to looking and feeling more feminine. Her boobies are growing and she plans to have a little surgery, but is very much content to achieve a 'third gender' endpoint of being a transsexual woman. "I'm keeping my cock!" Delia jokes. Through her new TS site, she and Trixie continue to let fans in on their lives, with videos and spycams, that shoot their day-to-day lives ... and more than the occasional kinky sex session, of course!

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