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BDSM Loving British CD Luci May

british cd luci may tied up in stockings and heels

Kinky British CD fetish and bondage lover Luci May has been producing, editing and starring in her own brand of very kinky adult entertainment for quite a few years now. She's been dressing up in women's clothes since a small child, when she used to steal her sister's clothes. "My mother often found my little stash and would return them before I got the chance to wear them. I suppose that prepared her for what happened later in my life," Luci recalls. She's a big bondage fan and can often been found out at fetish clubs in London, the city of her birth. Once every other month, she even organises her own rope bondage parties, where she gets tied up and fucked crazy for a few hours. "That’s not something you can do unless you really trust the guys involved so I’m very lucky to be able to live out something that is only a fantasy for others. I have a love hate relationship with the S&M side of things. I get no pleasure from being punished. I’m not one of these people who float of to some higher plane when I’m being beaten. It hurts like bloody fuck. What I do love is the reaction from the guy metering out the punishment. Being beaten until I am nearly in tears and then turning round to suck the hardest cock in the world is just bliss," Luci confesses.

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