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Slim Tgirl Babe Lucia Matthews

Sexy, slim shemale beauty Lucia Matthews is a girl of many talents: artist, musician, photographer, courtesan and now pornstar princess. Her first nude modelling appearance in front of the camera came for Shemale Yum under a pseudonym she's decided to drop now. "I’ve decided not to use my cute play name, Lucia Miel, anymore. No one can pronounce it, even if I tell them repeatedly how to. My real last name is Matthews, and I’m using it henceforth. My parents already know I’m a pornstar and they’re as cool with it as they’ll ever be, so I’m out," Lucia explains.

This Las Vegas hottie can often be found on the credits at Tgirl Pornstar, where she shoots the behind-the-scenes second camera footage. But she's loving stepping up to the plate and being the one to do the X-rated performing now. Lucia loves to chat with fans and is an ardent blogger and social networking addict. It also helps that she admits she'll 'fuck and suck everything I can get my pretty little paws on'.

Lucia says one of her earliest memories is watching actress Yvette Mimieux in a sci-fi movie, thinking she was so beautiful she wanted to be her and pondering that in the future boys might be able to become girls. She was just four at the time. Growing up Lucia would wear girl jewelry and often underwear, but only dated girls until she was 19. Only a few friends knew that her cross-dressing was more than just a 'coolness' statement. Since she began her transition, her sexual desires have flipped to being much more concentrated on guys. Though she still enjoys to get it on with the odd exceptional girl for dessert. Her favourite of all though, she admits, is to get down and dirty with fellow Tgirls. And she can't believe her luck to be able to do that as often as she likes these days for her day-job. We feel pretty lucky getting to watch too!

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