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Sexy British Tgirl Mia Maffia

Sexy British shemale Mia Maffia has to be one of the hottest tgirls to come out of the UK in quite a while. She's also the latest to launch a raunchy adult site to call her own and it's busily attracting a growing army of fans. Sultry Mia, who is of mixed English and Thai roots, grew up in the northern town of Huddersfield. She always felt she needed the big city and big lights, however, and moved to Blackpool when she turned 18. There, working in the cabaret bar Funny Girls, she got her first experince of publicly dressing as a girl. Mia was born!

Since she was just five or six, Mia remembered going to bed hoping she would wake up as a girl. "My mum didn’t understand. She’d tell me dressing up and acting like a girl wasn’t acceptable for a little boy and it was something I should be embarrassed about," Mia recalls. She has been living full time as girl for several years now.

Highly sexed Mia had long wanted to get in to porn, but didn't know how. Joanna Jet and Grooby both helped. Now there's no looking back! Mia has already been nominated for a 2015 TEA Award for Best Non-US Performer. Luckily for fans, she's very versatile. "I can be really submissive or pretty dominant. It honestly depends what mood I’m in. I do really enjoy getting fucked by the right guy though," Mia admits.

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