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Name:  Tiffany StarrBorn:  Boston, Ma., USA

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Bio: Rising shemale babe Tiffany Starr picked up awards and a cartload of fans during her debut year in porn and now has her own little online temple for admirers to get to know her up close and personal. She's one of the most attentive TS stars around today, camming weekly for fans, blogging regularly and an ardent user of social media. She's also probably the biggest gamer girl in the porn world, playing them, chatting about them, reviewing them and being the proud owner of over 3000 video game titles and rising. "I have been a hardcore gamer most of my life and it is my biggest hobby by far. I love the breathtaking visuals you canít see anywhere else. I love the challenges they present me and how they work my mind. I love playing them with my friends and starting rivalries. I love going at it solo to be immersed in the detail and deep stories. They are a great way to relieve stress, kill time, and develop skills. There is a game out there for everyone!" Tiffany says. She's also big time in to comics and anime.

Tiffany recalls she felt something different about herself from as young as 5, but didn't know what. It wasn't until she was around 15 that she discovered online people could change their gender and everything began to make sense. "This, of course, got me very curious and I came upon - quite literally - transsexual porn. So I discovered my love for transsexuals around the same time I discovered I was one. This was also one of the happiest days of my life since now I knew why I was different, what I had to do, and if I started now I would get great results," she says. At 16, Tiffany decided to make the transition herself. "At the time I had a fiance and I was torn on what to do, but I couldnít deny myself who I was and we split. I transitioned in less than 1 year after that. First thing I did was come out to everyone I knew, friends, work and family. I told my dad I was trans first because I knew he would take it the hardest and after telling him everyone else would be a breeze. Telling work was simple, as was the news to my friends and the rest of my family. I didnít run into much resistance which helped a lot in the long run," she recalls.

Before her transition, all Tiffany's sexual experiences had been with girls. She still likes sex with girls, but her recent relationships have been with fellow Tgirls. She's partnered both Jamie French and Addy Rose. "I just love the femininity of women. Their soft skin, their smell, their frame, just them as a whole. I have all those qualities and those are the same qualities I look for in a partner. They also seem to have personalities that just suit my taste more. Itís hard to pick specifics since so many women differ in appearance and personality. I just know what Iím attracted to and I go with it," Tiffany explains. Studying still for a degree in marketing and with a well-paid regular job behind here, Tiffany is perhaps not the first person one might expect to have begun a career in porn. But she always wanted to try it and, when circumstances conspired to make her think about it seriously, she took up an offer to go to LA and do some shoots. She loved doing her first ever scene.

"It was with another transsexual porn star and I was very excited if a bit nervous. The scene involved me kissing her, topping her in various positions, and the big climax at the end. The scene came out well and was very popular. It also kicked off my porn career. The scene was shot by Buddy Wood, heís a great guy and a good friend. My nerves disappeared quickly leaving only passionate sex. Was a great time and it was the first of many," Tiffany recalls. That enjoyment for what she's doing helped her take the first ever Fan Choice for Transsexual Performer of the Year at the 20th Annual NightMoves Awards and, no doubt, will be sure to take Tiffany to many more awards in the years to come.

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