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Fetish Rockdoll TS Tempest

TS rock doll Tempest is a one-off nobody who gets to know is gonna be forgetting soon: shemale pornstar, rock musician and now mainstream actress. Fantasy situations, uniforms, sexual power play, womanly curves, a fiery personality and one very fully-functional girl-cock make the whole package a unique and pretty addictive combo. "I grew up in a small towns often surrounded by small minds. About 12 years ago, I escaped to Minneapolis and things have been looking up since then," Tempest explains.

Before she got in to adult, she worked as a musician and took parts in quite a few art films. Now she finds herself with a lead role in a mainstream movie that's one of only three US films to feature at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. In Open, a quirky road-movie-cum-transsexual romance, Tempest plays 'Gen' Aka Genesis, a character based upon the real life gender activist (and psychedelic rocker) Genesis P. Orrdige. Normally as feisty as they come, Tempest admits being a little nervous about the reception for her first venture in to mainstream acting.

"Being loud and outrageous on a rock'n'roll stage is second nature to me, working in adult film is a erotic adventure and just an extension of myself ... but Open is a very serious drama about exploring love, lust, sexual identity and the idea of Pandrogeny and what it means to become one with your partner and the lost feeling that can come when that bond is severed unexpectedly, and I'm in a lead role, and I haven't seen any of the final cut yet. I find myself crossing my fingers and silently praying that I dont completely suck," Tempest says. We wish her more power to her elbow ... and sundry other delectable parts, of course!

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