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Kinky UK Tgirl Zoe Fuckpuppet

Horny British tgirl Zoe Fuckpuppet, or Miss Zoe Slut as she also likes to call herself, has what might modestly be described as an open mind when it comes to sex. Less delicately put ... if it's a guy, a girl or a Tgirl friend who Zoe takes a liking to, she'll happily fuck or get fucked by them. "Once I slip into my high heels, sheer stockings and apply my make-up, I feel every inch a slutty tart," Zoe says. And she does everything in her power to live up to that feeling. Among Zoe's friends is kinky British fetish star Strapon Jane, who has popped over more than the once to fill an, ahem, hole in Zoe's schedule. Her kinky online adventures show no signs of slowing down anytime soon fans will be please to hear!

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